【The Nai Cafe】Enjoy The Udang Galah With Affordable Price


Hi Everyone!
Today I gonna write my post in Bahasa Rojak (Malay & English)

Last Friday, I was invited to The Nai Café for a food review.
Ada apa enak di The Nai Café ?

The Nai Café is a Malay restaurant that provides fresh Udang Galah cuisine in a variety style of  that you can choose from from at an affordable price.
How affordable price ? Sabar lah, later I will show you the menu.

The Panaroma view for the restaurant interior.
Hiasan dalam macam modern cafe, suasana cozy dan bersih.
Is very suitable group dining with friends & family.

Let's have some snacks while waiting the udang galah to be served.
We ordered the squid @ RM10 & crispy chicken @ RM7.90. 

See,this is apart of the menu!
Is it very affordable ?
Tak percayakan ?
Haha..i pun terkejut apabila saya nampak harga itu.

Yeah! I gonna try these !
Hidangan udang galah bersama dengan nasi putih cuma RM14.90.
Guess which one is my favourite? Hehe..

Kira-kira ada 5 -7 ekor udang galah per portion tapi depends on size juga.

Selain daripada set, anda boleh pilih ala carte dan harga dengan RM12.90. 
Are you drooling after you saw the pictures ?
Faster ajak your friends & family pergi makan lah :-)

Details :
Shop Name : The Nai Cafe
Address : 23-1, Jalan Electron U16F, Denai Alam Seksyen U16 40150 Shah Alam.
Facebook : The Nai Cafe
Waze : The Nai Cafe

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